Sunday, March 02, 2014

One Day and One Year, The Boys Are Still Here

I was really close to re-posting here exactly one year later.  Alas...just missed it.

Spring is around the corner, but you wouldn't know it for the winter we're still having.  Couple inches of sleet and ice today, despite the fact that Logan should have already been having soccer practice.  The kids are finding ways to stay warm...

Meyer will be starting soccer this spring, so we get to see what managing three soccer games in a day feels like.  Hopefully I can get some photos of them all in another few weeks.  In other news, Liam managed to place 2nd in the Pinewood Derby this year.  He went on to the Finals where he came in 10th, mostly because of an unlucky track jump that dragged his times down.  Otherwise, he'd have been right in the thick of things.  His Den still managed to capture the highly-coveted Fastest Den Award this year:

One Meyer story.  When Meyer goes up to his room for bed, he almost always tries to get in some last-minute play by grabbing a ball and playing some ball with his Fisher-Price hoop.  He's especially fond of jumping off his bed and dunking a few times.  Last night, he grabbed a little too hard and pulled the entire basket and backboard down on top of him - no injuries, caught it.  He stood it back up and remarked "Wow, that was really powerful..."

Friday, March 01, 2013

Sorry, No Can Do

Meyer's only three, and yet has already learned to shirk responsibility.  I blame his brothers.

When asked to do anything chore-like, Logan and Liam whine, mope, groan, etc. - the usual response from kids.  Meyer's approach is a little more novel:  he counters, in all earnest seriousness, with "But Dad!  I can't, my arms are all floppy!"  This is usually accompanied by a demonstration of his noodly arms. 

Points for originality.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I wasn't sure it was going to happen this year, but we finally got at least one of the decent snowstorms that St. Louis tends to get each winter.  It was looking like we were going to bust.  The same system that dumped a foot or more on KC (..they always get the good weather..) managed to drop several inches on us yesterday.  The kids got a couple days off school and I got to work in the basement instead of at my office. 

Most importantly, though - Meyer had new snow boots to try out.

Meyer always has a ball romping around in the snow, but I don't think it tasted very good.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Did Ask...

Meyer's gotten to an age where a lot of really amusing stuff comes out of his mouth.  Words, I mean - not bizarrely hilarious substances.  The other day we were sitting on the couch and he came running up after a nap to curl up on my lap.  He started jabbering about something or another, and then said something to the effect of "Daddy - you're a GIRAFFE!"

"No, I'm not a giraffe."

"Yeah you have a long neck!"

"Well, I'm not a giraffe."

"Are you a...frog?!"  No.  "Are you a...lion?!"  No.  "Then what are you?"

"I'm a human."

Meyer looks at Jill sitting next to me and says "Oh, Mom, Daddy's a HUMAN!!"  As if this were some sort of amazing surprise.

She laughed and said to him, 'What are you?"

"I'm me.  I'm Meyer.  I am what I am."

"No, but what ARE you?"

He thinks about it again for a second, then gets very solemn, and with perfect seriousness says, ""

After we all stopped laughing, Jill says "So what am I?"

Again, with perfect seriousness:  "Oh, Mommy, you're a HIPPO."

Ooooooh.  Walked right into that one, honey.  

Monday, October 08, 2012

Camping! And Eating! (Mostly Eating.)

Last weekend was our annual weekend camping trip with the Bonsteads, Carmichaels, and Lennings over in Illinois.  Last year's camping trip was altered to a Chicago visit due to the average 120F temperatures.  This year's trip was prudently scheduled at the end of September to hopefully avoid that.  Weather turned out to be fantastic, although a little chilly at night.

Oddly, I don't have any photos that show actual camping activities.  I guess there's nothing particularly photographically riveting about a bunch of folks sitting around a campsite.  The kids did have a lot of fun with other activities, though.

Josh brought his homemade bottle rocket launcher, which uses regular 2-liter bottles and a bit of water.  The kids had a blast shooting these off, the bottles were easily reaching 40-50 feet in the air.  Side note - it's extraordinarily hard to capture the bottle immediately after launching, they shoot out of the frame in a fraction of a second.  At least you can see the water stream in the second photo.

Even Meyer had to give it a try. 

Logan and Liam really wanted to go fishing.  You can just see the excitement oozing out of Logan once he finally had a line in the water.

Next year's goal:  to arrive at the campsite with enough time to set up our tent BEFORE dark.  So far we're not very good at that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

He Shoots, He Scores!

No new photos unfortunately, but we did enjoy a fantastic soccer game over the weekend with M'amy and Grampa Phil visiting.  Liam had a game Saturday right around lunchtime, and the weather could not have been more perfect.  Crisp blue skies, cool breezes, and lots of sunshine.

Liam's team was down a couple of goals in the second half when they set up for a corner kick.  Their coach had been pushing them all game to spread out and get open, and Liam set himself up perfectly right in front of the goal.  The corner kicker sent the ball sailing over almost everyone mobbed together in front of him, right to Liam - who settled the ball and then buried it in the upper left corner of the net.  Seriously, it could not have been a more perfect setup and shot.  Sir Alex Ferguson would have clapped.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Return of the Cob

I'm going to ignore the last umpteen months of no posts and pretend like we've been doing this all along. Which I have, in my head.

Logan and Liam had their first soccer games of the season this past weekend, and the weather blew in a cold front and cleared out the heat just in time. We had sun and cool breezes all weekend long which made for perfect soccer weather.

Both boys had fun in their games and got some touches on the ball. Logan had a shot at a goal, but was caught a little flat-footed and it went wide. Liam had some good defensive plays, and was often one of the first on the ball. Here are some of the better action shots I got during the games.

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